Jiezl V. Chua


Filipino-Chinese Voice Actor for
Animation and Video Games
Non-Union, Remote

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Want to get better in character work?

Character work, in my opinion, is the funnest part of voice over, but it is the most technically difficult of the bunch. It's not just speaking in a kooky voice, it's more than that. Making characters believable is the hardest challenge any actor could face.Acting skills is mostly overlooked by beginners. It's voice acting, not act voicing. Teaching you the essentials is one of the first steps, and thankfully, you don't need to memorize your script.I will help you breakdown audition scripts and develop your own process in creating characters. The tools I will provide will stop you from overthinking in the character description and avoid the traps of the "almost similar second take."Self-directing is also another important skill for voice actors, because let's face it, in most auditions and projects, we are alone in the booth and not knowing what to do is the worst.Below is my rate for coaching:

15 min AssessmentFree
1 hour coaching$50 per session
Group Coaching (min. 2 hours)$10 per person (min. of 4 students)


Email me at [email protected] with the subject
"VO Coaching"
Sessions are usually held on Zoom but I'm also open with Discord.Don't have a script? No worries, I have a library full of scripts for you to explore.

About Me

Growing up, I somehow knew that there are people behind the animated characters that I watched. Anticipatiting the end credits became the 2nd best part of the show for me. Voice acting felt like a closed door, only a select few gets to come in. Here in the Philippines, ADR or dubbing is the only means to voice animated characters. Nothing wrong with that, being the Filipino counterpart of existing characters sounds amazing. But the dream is to one day voice an original character. Thankfully, the internet happened and here I am today.While developing my skills, I realized I have a knack for doing young characters. While vocal technique is important to most voice actors, I still believe that acting skills should be the main foundation. That's why I decided to take a Meisner class and still continue to do as many acting training that I can attend. (and afford, of course!)During the pandemic, new voice actors sprouted like wild weeds, and also some "experts." I grew a passion to help them navigate this cruel but beautiful world. I would host weekly workouts to hone their skills and gave some advice when facing clients. I hope to grow more as actor so that I can share what I've learn to newcomers.When I'm not voice acting, I edit other people's video, especially on Youtube. And sometimes, create my own content as well.